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What criteria are locks? Locks standard is kind of how? Integrated key switch selection principles explain

    Power locks and hardware selection process is often exposed to different standards, the current commonly used standard handle lock European standard and American standard, worldwide currently locks, hardware standards that exist are mainly the following : British Standard BS (BS5872- 1982 ) the oldest ; European standard EN (PREN12529) inclusive ; American Standard ANSI (ANSI156.2-1999) the most complete ; Australian Standard AS (AS4145.2-1993) is the most stringent " barriers " ; Japanese standard JIS (JISA1510 -1995 ) a more relaxed way for the European standard and American targets is as follows .

    American National Standard : ANSI156.4, Underwriters Laboratories UL10C. A standard opening times : ≥ 200 million times ; two standard opening times : ≥ 100 million times ; three standard opening times : ≥ 50 million times. European standard CE: EN1154 ( Performance Test ) and EN1634 ( fire test ) , the number of open indexes : ≥ 50 million times.

   As can be seen from the above comparison , the U.S. standard product durability parameters are generally higher than the European standard products, which is currently on the market or the American standard electric locking hardware products more expensive causes. Electrical cabinet locks on a large commercial building , the number of possible link lock thousands , or even thousands .

    Taking these power locks selection principles , in the choice of intelligent building electric locks and hardware solutions , it is recommended to follow the following basic selection principle : the use and importance of the place , to consider in the door , landing door , room, bathroom or the channel used to select for the desired function of the product ; switch cabinet lock usage environment conditions , required to consider the merits of the environment conditions, such as frequency of use, whether the fire door, the door structure , the weight , thickness, etc. ; consider frequently used personnel situation , consider whether there is the elderly, children or people with disabilities ; consider electrical cabinet locks and decorative coordination environment , you should consider coordinating their decor and supporting should be consistent.


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